Rent happily with Centric

Do you own a property and want to rent it?
Are you worried about having to spend too much time on it?
Are you afraid of not knowing the business well or having complications?

Why is Centric the perfect partner for you?

Centric is much more than an apartment rental agency or a property manager. We make a direct commitment to you and to the success of your rental.

Aesthetic improvement of the property

Increased profitability

Commitment and security

Different service packages

Improved positioning

Mutual satisfaction

Happy tenant, happy landlord.
That is the philosophy of happy homes.
Are you up for it?

Renting a property has never been easier

If you want to succeed in rental management, you need to know the market thoroughly and approach every step with professionalism. For that, you can count on Centric.

Comprehensive rental management

We analyze your case and offer you different levels of management depending on your needs and the possibilities of your property. The result is an efficient and transparent rental streamlining process, where you know all the steps, but don’t have to worry about anything.

Revaluation of real estate

We carry out aesthetic reforms that will improve the attractiveness of your property. We also define the most beneficial strategy, considering vacation rental management or for temporary stays. In addition, we optimize the positioning in real estate portals to place your property among the first results.

Everything under control

In addition to being experts in property management, our forte is building trusting relationships where all parties win. Tenants enjoy a property that perfectly meets their needs. Owners can forget about all the paperwork, knowing that everything is 100% under control.

a radiant destiny,
a sea of possibilities

Malaga, bathed by the sun and the Mediterranean, has the ideal climate to enjoy a vacation and also to live. It is a modern and advanced capital city, a leader in innovation and business opportunities. Top-ranked in vacation rental management and property management of all types of properties.

Those who know us talk about us

Testimonio Patricia González
We had put our apartment for rent in Malaga, but things were going very slowly until we found Centric. Since then, it has been all benefits.
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Testimonio Carlos Ruiz
My wife and I wanted to be calm, we needed someone completely trustworthy to manage our apartment without giving us complications. With Centric our home is in the best hands.
by First name Last name
Testimonio Jimena Santrón
My experience with Centric is highly recommended. They are rigorous and demanding, very serious people worth working with.
by Jimena Sastrón
Owner, Company

With Centric, everything is simpler and happier.
You provide the house. We, the management.

If you are looking for an agency specialized in real estate rental, trust Centric. We are experts in managing vacation rentals and short-term rentals in Malaga.

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