What it means to be Centric

Centric is not just a name. It is to understand that our role is to be the center in the relationship between owners, guests, tenants and society. Putting the satisfaction of all parties at the center is our commitment and priority.

Happy houses, happy people

Comprehensive rental management includes legal, administrative and logistical aspects of many different types. For example, the management of tourist apartments requires the processing of licenses and a promotional strategy focused on the vacation guest. Whatever the type of property, our mission is to facilitate the entire rental management process so that the owner meets all the requirements with rigor and quality, without having to deal with any formalities.

That’s our philosophy: everything right, everything simple and everything happy. For tenants, it is also a guarantee. Whether you are looking for a rental apartment in Malaga for temporary stays, a studio, a villa or a tourist apartment. All properties managed by Centric are particularly attractive, thanks to an aesthetic renovation that enhances their market position. They are also easier to locate through the main real estate portals.

Our values

We perform property management with professionalism, offering a quality experience for owners and tenants.
Centric works for people and trusts its professionals. We have a competent and agile multidisciplinary team, always at your service.
Centric differs from traditional apartment rental agencies. It offers an innovative service that responds to new market needs.
We reconcile the needs and interests of owners, tenants and neighbors. Preserving the property's good condition is at the top of our list of priorities.
When everything is professional and transparent, there is no room for mistrust. Mutual commitment creates more satisfying exchanges.
We also think of our neighbors. We transmit instructions to foster an atmosphere of respect and gratitude towards the environment.

Unstoppably Centric

We grow continuously, anticipating the needs we observe in the market and creating customized service packages that benefit owners and guests. This is how we differentiate ourselves from traditional rental management or conventional apartment management services. At Centric, we're ahead of the curve.

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With Centric, everything is simpler and happier.
You provide the house. We, the management.

If you are looking for an agency specialized in real estate rental, trust Centric. We are experts in managing vacation rentals and short-term rentals in Malaga.

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