Málaga la Bella

Sun, sea and a unique charm.
Malaga is a unique tourist destination and a wonderful home for those seeking quality of life.

capital of tourism

Everyone talks about the enviable climate of the capital of the Costa del Sol. But they do not only refer to its temperature. It is something else, something that is breathed. Like the atmosphere of Calle Larios, the friendliness of its people or the monumental beauty of the Alcazaba of Malaga. There are many reasons why the management of a tourist apartment in Malaga is a great opportunity that, if you are an owner, you should not miss.

ideal for living

Malaga is a cosmopolitan city open to the world. The rental apartments in Malaga city are highly demanded by professionals and families who wish to live for temporary or prolonged stays in a prosperous and innovative city. Having a reliable rental management partner is key.

With Centric, everything is simpler and happier.
You provide the house. We, the management.

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